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Lovely Sofas

See who's behind your sofa!

You can usually find all sorts behind a sofa: buttons, coins and bits of fluff.

However, behind our Lovely Sofas is a team of experienced craftsmen who cut, upholster and stitch to bring you quality furniture that is fit for any busy home.

Take a peek and see who does what…

The Cutting Team

Lovely Sofas

The fab five cutting team is headed up by Eddie, a man that likes to get straight to the point - of his sharp and trusty scissors. Every single piece of material is checked for imperfections, before the team prepare the patterns, measure, mark-up and individually hand cut each piece of fabric.

The Sewing Team

Lovely Sofas

With Head seamstress Janet at the helm, these are the ladies that bring it all together and hold everything in. From thread to needle to fabric, sewing is a physical skill as well as an art-form that demands care and patience. With 64 years of collective experience; their sharp beady eyes constantly check for detail to ensure the hallmark of beautiful, skilled needlework sits proudly on all our furniture.

The Upholstery Team

Lovely Sofas

Push, pull, stretch; no, it's not an exercise class, but what Andy and Paul can do with studs, buttons and upholstery string is nobody's business. Years and years of experience; yes, nigh on 30 years each, means these guys have practically grown up right here in the workshop! They know how to get the fabric tension just right, the buttons deep enough, and the comfort factor spot on.

The Finishing Team

Lovely Sofas

Whether it's cosy, comfy or squishy you're looking for, these are the boys that finally make sure everything is exactly as it should be. Nothing gets past these experts until your sofa is perfect in every way. Only when they're satisfied that everything is as it should be, will it leave their hands and our workshop, to journey to your home.

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