What makes a perfect sofa?

What makes a perfect sofa?
What makes a perfect sofa?
What makes a perfect sofa?
What makes a perfect sofa?
What makes a perfect sofa?
What makes a perfect sofa?
What makes a perfect sofa?
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A sofa made, perfectly for you

At Lovely Sofas, we're always being asked: what makes the perfect sofa? Is it great design, superb comfort, or traditional craftsmanship?

Well, it's a bit of all of that and a whole heap of experience and know how.

So, to help you in the quest for sofa perfection, we thought we'd tell you what goes in, on and around our Lovely Sofas.

Great Design

Because we design all of our lovely sofa styles, we understand the ergonomics of correct seating, the importance of posture and how this should all feel when its put together. Something to bear in mind when you're out sofa shopping is that what initially seems comfortable, may not necessarily be great in terms of support and durability.

Lovely Sofas take this into consideration and know just what to do to produce furniture that not only looks good, but offers a high level of comfort and seat performance.

Superb Comfort

All our sofas and chairs are designed with superb comfort in mind. Because we use a combination of top quality fibre and foam, we are confident that all our furniture offers superb comfort and support as standard. We combine the flexibility of top quality fibre with the durability of foam to ensure that no matter how you sit, lay or lounge you're sure to love your sofa. 

In fact, we can afford to offer our outstanding guarantees because we are confident that we use only the best materials to keep you sitting comfortably.

Hardwood Frames

The foundation of a great sofa lies in the sturdy solid, hardwood beech frames we use obtained only from renewable sources. And because we believe the old fashioned way is still the best; we glue and dowel the joints and strengthen with corner blocks, which are then screwed into place for extra stability.  As you can see, nothing moves on these babies.

Super Suspension

Oh yes, suspension is a wonderful thing. Not only is it essential in a good thriller movie, but it's a vital component of a lovely sturdy sofa. Across our furniture range, we use a variety of different suspension systems available, from metal coil sprung units to serpentine or Zig Zag springs and elastabelt webbing. They all have a different part to play, in getting the sit; just right.

Fabulous fabrics

Lovely Sofas need lovely fabrics and we offer you a range of beautiful, durable and practical fabrics in a range of contemporary colours and finishes to suit any style in any home.  Seeing is believing though, and we warmly invite you to order up to 6 free, yes FREE FABRIC SAMPLES. Touchy; feely, lovely.


You're beginning to learn how we like to do things the old fashioned, time-honoured way and so new-fangled production lines are not for us. Instead, it's Paul, Andy, Eddie, Janet and the rest of the lovely team who carefully cut, sew and assemble and proudly put their names to all our lovely furniture.

When you've been making lovely sofas for nearly 30 years, then you can be sure that we know what we're doing. In fact, what we don't know about sofas isn't worth knowing. It may also interest you to learn, that we are possibly the only sofa company in the UK that can offer you the opportunity to come and see for yourself, via our unique viewing gallery, exactly how we lovingly make all our furniture.

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