Lovely Craftsmanship

Lovely Craftsmanship
Lovely Craftsmanship
Lovely Craftsmanship
Lovely Craftsmanship
Lovely Craftsmanship
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Are you sitting comfortably?

All Lovely Sofas craftsmen take personal pride and care in their work, and as Andy the senior upholsterer says: "it's impossible to make rubbish, when my name's on a piece of furniture”.

This ethos has run throughout the business, from the very first day over 30 years ago, when we first set out and  started making sofas.

Everything is done with the customer in mind and attention to detail along with superb craftsmanship combined with only the best materials, ensure a consistent and tailored approach to every sofa and chair we make; we don't cut corners, costs or quality.

If you'd like to see just how we produce all our Lovely Sofas, why not take a trip to the showroom where our unique viewing gallery allows you to actually see our craftsmen at work.  You'll see the same traditional tools and time honoured methods are still employed today as they always have been.  We're also very proud to have some of the original valued employees that we first started out with.  

Respect for our craft, our staff and our customers ensure we continue to make beautiful, quality furniture for you.

Our Lovely Workshop


Behind our Lovely Sofas, is a team of time-served, experienced craftsmen. Take a peek and see who does what…

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